Images of the Brooklyn Bridge

New advancements on both edges of this East River have actually New Yorkers fretting over dropping their views of the Brooklyn Bridge, and design critic Alexandra Lange believes the town has to do something about it. "It's time for connection to obtain a Special Scenic see area of their very own, a two-way district that preserves picture lines both to and from the great period, " she writes in her newest piece. On the Brooklyn part, Pierhouse and 60 Water Street seem to be crowding the landmark connection, plus in Manhattan, Howard Hughes could do the same within the Southern Street Seaport. Lange calls for "a hidden tube stretching from anchorages using one region of the East River to those on the other, elastic enough to attain into Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Police Plaza, both increased, public platforms that offer distinctive, leveled-up perspectives on roadway." In a city enthusiastic about waterfront accessibility and pedestrian greenways, it's easy to imagine a continuing hiking course along this view corridor. To provide an idea of exactly what this road might appear to be, photographer Aymann Ismail flew a drone along the way, shooting the corridor from a bird's eye view.

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