Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam City

Hoover Dam City

For residents shaken because of the tumultuous outcomes of the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam task provided two basics that have been in short supply: work and housing. During the project’s begin, people who were fortunate enough to-be hired on as laborers had been obligated to hunker down, households and all sorts of, in a dry and barren area labeled as Ragtown. Ila Clements-Davey…

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Hoover Dam Workers

Hoover Dam Workers

Also beneath the most useful of circumstances, dam building ended up being tough, dangerous work. Those focusing on the building of Hoover Dam had to deal with various other aspects that made their work more high-risk and attempting. One had been the searing, persistent heat. The heat at the work website would regularly soar to above 120 levels during the summer and plummet…

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Hoover Dam City
Hoover Dam City
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