Polar Ice Caps

Ice polar caps

Ice polar caps

Boffins making use of radar data from NASA s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) are finding accurate documentation of the very most present Martian ice age recorded in this world s north polar ice-cap. The newest results trust previous models that indicate a glacial period ended about 400, years ago…

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NASA polar ice caps

NASA polar ice caps

Layers of frozen seawater limit the Arctic Ocean. This sea ice grows considerably each winter, generally reaching its optimum in March. It melts just like considerably each summertime, reaching its minimum in September. It is a normal fluctuation that has been happening for thousands of years, but wintertime and summer time styles became bad in current years. These image pairs…

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Polar ice caps for Kids

Polar ice caps for Kids

It s getting hot in here! is appearing problematic for plenty of various surroundings but the changes it really is causing at polar ice caps may affect all of us. June 5, 2007 is World Environment Day which 12 months s motif is Melting Ice - Hot Topic? We take a closer glance at what are you doing in the [kwlink 4470]ends of this planet and that which we can do to end it…

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What are polar ice caps?

What are polar ice caps?

What exactly is an ice-sheet? Together, the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets contain sigbificantly more than 99 % of freshwater ice in the world. Credit: NSIDC an ice-sheet is a mass of glacial land ice extending more than 50, square kilometers (20, square miles). The two ice sheets on the planet today cover nearly all of Greenland and Antarctica. Over the last ice age…

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Pictures of polar ice caps melting

Pictures of polar ice caps melting

To put it one other way, a location the size of Alaska, America’s biggest state, had been available water 2 yrs ago, but is once again now covered by ice. The absolute most popular dimensions of Arctic ice extent will be the everyday satellite readings issued because of the United States National Snow and Ice Data Center, that will be co-funded by Nasa. These reveal that –…

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