Things to see near Stonehenge

Things to see near Stonehenge

View united states demonstrate old domestic skills - flint knapping, making line regarding rushes, and grinding whole grain with a quern and a driver. Standing when you look at the Stones View the seasons pass and journey through time with this amazing audio-visual 360 degree view from inside the Stones…
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Stonehenge tourist information

Stonehenge tourist information

Stonehenge is a primitive monument without parallel. Stonehenge voted Britain s most readily useful historical website and UK s top question in a list of the nation s unmissable attractions, the old web site in addition topped a survey associated with the Seven miracles of Britain . Section of a historical landscape, Stonehenge is one of the most thought-provoking and keenly…

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Where is Stonehenge situated?

Where is Stonehenge situated?

Around 3 B.C. a circular earthwork ended up being constructed at the website, comprising a ditch (dug making use of resources made from antlers) with an inner and outer lender. Within the bank were 56 pits, which became known as the Aubrey Holes, after antiquarian John Aubrey, which identified all of them in 1. Archaeologists estimation Stonehenge ended up being house to 150…

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