Great Wall

Great Wall of China statistics

Great Wall of China statistics

Badaling, Beijing Chinese Name: 长城/万里长城 (Cháng Chéng/Wàn Lǐ Cháng Chéng) English Translation: Great Wall / Great Wall of 10, Li Length: 13, 170.70 kilometers (21, 196.18 kilometers, or 42, 392.36 Li) Typical level: 25.6 legs (7.8 meters) Typical Width: 7.1 yards (6.5 yards) Creator: the ancient Chinese…

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Great Wall of China for children

Great Wall of China for children

The reason why did they build the wall? The wall was created to help in keeping on northern invaders like the Mongols. Smaller wall space had been built over time, nevertheless very first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, decided which he wished just one giant wall to guard his northern edges. He bought that just one powerful wall be built with a huge number of lookout towers…

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