Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel

Only twenty years ago, the only way to achieve the uk was by environment or sea ; these days, the Channel Tunnel makes London very nearly as close as Brussels. The Tunnel had been a real technological challenge since it includes the longest undersea portion in the field (38km beneath the ocean, with a total period of 50.5km). For this feat to be possible, a structure with a unique management model had to be created, in which the French Ministry played a key role.

An authentic scaled-down worldwide business

The construction and operation associated with Tunnel had been done inside the framework of a private agreement awarded because of the French and Uk governments to Eurotunnel. The French-British pact which instigated the agreement additionally produced a Channel Tunnel Intergovernmental Commission (IGC), a binational human anatomy responsible for all issues regarding the Channel Tunnel. The IGC supplies the appropriate and economic guidance associated with the contract and may also act as an appeals human anatomy for tunnel-related disputes.
Operating like a genuine scaled-down intercontinental business, the IGC holds fortnightly meetings in which all tunnel-related decisions are taken for the French and Brit governments. It really is chaired alternately by the minds of French and British delegations. Since 1 April 2015, it has been chaired by Pascale Andréani, which in February last was appointed as Head for the French Delegation.

Conciliating frequently differing methods

The successive range of two senior civil servants from Ministry of international matters and International Development (MAEDI) to take on this position demonstrates the fundamental part it plays inside work associated with the Commission. Diplomatic skills and tradition tend to be very desirable assets for most useful performing negotiations aided by the Uk celebration as well as conciliating often differing administrative approaches.
Whilst deals with a wide variety of dilemmas, the IGC is backed by three specific committees, within the areas of financial regulation, security (infrastructure, evacuation) and protection. The IGC additionally receives assistance from specialists for many technical aspects of its work, specifically appropriate specialists and authorities and traditions representatives.

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