Of The Worlds Greatest Tunnels

English Channel Tunnel train

The easiest method to travel involving the heart of London and Paris or Brussels, Eurostar trains carry even more people between its destinations than all airlines traveling these roads combined. And that’s unsurprising, thinking about Eurostar’s city-center terminals, record-breaking travel times, chosen frequent departures, and classes of service (Economy, Comfort, Premier) catering to all budgets therefore the special needs for the modern traveler. New for 2015, take Eurostar directly from London to cities in the south of France including Lyon, Avignon and Marseille.

Eurostar trains reach top rates as high as 186mph, maintaining trip times at about a couple of hours - thanks a lot to some extent on manufacturing marvel that's the Channel Tunnel. Fast trip times in addition make fabulous day-trips possible. Disneyland Paris? Oui! Or imagine taking the train from London to Paris; appreciating morning meal in London, lunch in Paris and dinner back in London!

Beyond travel from London to Paris, you’ll find regular solutions to the French Alps ski resort of Bourg St Moritz in winter months and Avignon during summer. Don’t forget going from London to Brussels is equally as easily. Actually, Eurostar in addition links with train solutions to over 100 spots across European countries, and that means you will reach Europe’s preferred locations comfortable and ready to go.

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