Amazon river piranha

Facts about Amazon Rainforest for Kids

3.Running through the north of rainforest could be the Amazon lake. Moving a length of around 6, 400km, it's the 2nd longest lake in the field. The longest could be the river Nile, extending a straight longer 6, 650km!

4. In 2007, a person called Martin Strel swam the complete period of the Amazon lake! To complete their splashing forest journey, Martin driven through liquid for up to ten hours a-day for 66 days!

5. Around 400-500 native Amerindian tribes call the Amazon rainforest house. It really is thought that about fifty of these tribes have not had connection with the outside globe!

6. The Amazon has an incredibily rich ecosystem - there are around 40, 000 plant species, 1, 300 bird species, 3, 000 types of fish, 430 mammals and a whopping 2.5 million different insects. Wow!

7. The Amazon houses an entire number of fascinating - and life-threatening! - creatures, including electric eels, flesh-eating piranhas, poison dart frogs, and some seriously venomous snakes.

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