Mount Everest

Facts about Mount Everest

Mt. EverestGeography

  • Everest is 29, 035 feet or 8848 meters high
  • The summit is the border of Nepal to the south and Asia or Tibet from the north
  • It's over 60 million yrs old
  • Everest was created by the motion associated with Indian tectonic dish pressing up-and against the Asian plate
  • Everest grows by about a quarter of an inches (0.25") every year
  • It contain various kinds of shale, limestone and marble
  • The rugged summit is covered with deep snow all through the year

Weather Condition

  • The Jet flow sits on top of Everest most year long
  • The wind can blow over 200 mph
  • The temperature are -80F
  • In mid-may each year, the jet flow techniques north causing the winds the calm and conditions to warm up enough for individuals to try to summit. That is known as the 'summit window'. There's the same duration each fall-in November.
  • It can be very hot with conditions over 100F in the Western Cwm, an area climbers undergo to attain the summit.


  • As with any hills across the world, the local, indigenous people were the first to see it
  • Everest is called Chomolungma in Tibet. It indicates mom goddess of the world
  • Everest is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal. It means goddess of the sky
  • It absolutely was first identified for western world by an Uk study team lead by Sir George Everest in 1841
  • Everest was called Peak 15 and calculated at 29, 002 feet in 1856
  • In 1865, it was named Mount Everest, after Sir George Everest
  • In 1955, the height had been modified to 29, 028 feet and is however used by Nepal
  • Asia makes use of 29, 015 foot because the formal level these days
  • Using GPS technology, the summit was assessed at 29, 035 foot in 1999
  • Initial attempt was at 1921 by a British journey from north (Tibet) part
  • Initial summit was on 29, 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa from Nepal. They climbed from the south side on a British journey lead by Colonel John Hunt.
  • Initial north side summit ended up being on May 25, 1960 by Nawang Gombu (Tibetan) and Chinese climbers Chu Yin-Hau and Wang Fu-zhou
  • The youngest individual summit was United states Jordan Romero, age 13, on 23, 2010 from north part.
  • The earliest person to summit was Japanese Miura Yiuchiro, age 80 on 23, 2013
  • The initial climbers to summit Everest without bottled air were Italian Reinhold Messner with Peter Habler in 1978

Male Summits

  • The youngest male to summit was American Jordan Romero, age 13, on May 23, 2010 from the north side.
  • The oldest male to summit was Japanese Miura Yiuchiro, age 80 on 23, 2013
  • Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi both keep the record for some summits (female or male) with 21, the newest one out of 2013
  • American Dave Hahn has the most non-Sherpa summits with 15, the newest in 2013

Female Summits

  • The initial woman to summit Everest had been Junko Tabei of Japan in 1975
  • The earliest woman to summit was Japanese Tamae Watanabe, age 73, in 2012 from north
  • The youngest person and girl to summit from south side was Nepali Nima Chemji Sherpa on 19, 2012

Summit Statistics

  • There have been 7, 001 summits of Everest through August 2015 on all roads by 4, 093 each person.
  • 953 people, mainly Sherpa, have summited several times totaling 3, 861 times (included in the 7, 001 total summits).
  • The Nepal side is much more well-liked by 4, 421 summits in comparison to 2, 580 summits through the Tibet side
  • 193 climbers summited without supplemental oxygen through August 2015, about 2.7%
  • 14 climbers have traversed in one part to another.

Death Statistics

  • 282 men and women (169 westerners and 113 Sherpas) have actually died on Everest from 1924 to August 2015.
  • For the fatalities, 102 died wanting to summit without needing supplemental oxygen.
  • The Nepalese side has seen 4, 421 summits with 176 deaths through August 2015 or 3, 98%
  • The Tibet part features seen 2, 580 summits with 106 fatalities through August 2015. or 4.1%
  • Many figures all are nevertheless in the mountain but China features eliminated many systems from picture.
  • The most effective reason behind death had been from an autumn, avalanche, exposure and altitude sickness
  • About 60per cent of all of the expeditions put one user in the summit.
  • From 1923 to 1999: 170 individuals passed away on Everest with 1, 169 summits or 14.5%. However the deaths significantly declined from 2000 to 2015 with 5, 832 summits and 112 fatalities or 1.9%.
  • However, 2 yrs skewed the deaths rates with 16 in 2014 and 19 in 2015.
  • The lowering of deaths is primarily due to much better gear, weather forecasting and more individuals climbing with commercial functions.


  • You will find 18 different climbing paths on Everest
  • It will require 40 times to climb Mt. Everest to allow your body adjust fully to the high altitude
  • There was 66percent less air in each breathing on summit of Everest than at sea level
  • Slim plastic ropes are accustomed to hold climbers from dropping.
  • Climbers wear surges on the shoes labeled as crampons
  • They also make use of ice axes to assist end an autumn
  • Thick, puffy suits filled with goose feathers keep climbers warm
  • Many climbers consume a lot of rice and noodles for meals
  • Almost all climbers utilize bottled air since it is so high. It can help keep carefully the climbers hot.
  • Climbers begin to use bottled oxygen...

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