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This is the monument that, among the others of the "Piazza dei Miracoli", stirs the imagination of everybody, from the old to the young. Firstly we like to give you some information and events regarding its long history.

The construction of the imposing mass ended up being started in the year 1174 by Bonanno Pisano. When the tower had reached its third storey the works ceased because it had started sinking into the ground. The tower stayed thus for 90 many years. It was finished by Giovanni di Simone, Tommano Simone (child of Andreo Pisano), crowned the tower using the belfry at half 14th century.

The top the Leaning Tower are achieved by mounting the 294 tips which rise in the type of a spiral on internal region of the tower walls.

This very popular tasks are of Romanesque design, so that as currently stated goes back toward year 1174. Cylindrical in form it really is provided whit six open galleries. A cornice separates these galleries one from other and every presents a number of tiny arches fitted on capitals associated with slender columns. When you look at the base there is a number of huge blind arcades with geometrical accessories. Inside belfry there is the same design of arcades as that of the bottom, because of the huge difference that here, you will find, independent of the paid off proportions, the housings of the bells.

Although stately, this monument is not with a lack of elegance and lightness due to the arcades and open galleries between one storey and another. Even though it can be viewed as a real masterpiece of design, this monument is mostly famous for its powerful desire. With regards to this tendency it may be properly claimed it is truly because a sinking associated with the ground from enough time of the construction. Consequently, the presumption of the who would like to assume that great tower had been built inclined is totally without basis.

Unfortuitously, right now the fantastic size consistently sink very slowly. It really is a concern of about 1 mm. each year. Since nobody can state with mathematical protection that sinking will stay someday at the present yearly rate, without its ceasing, treatments in the shape of sufficient steps, predicated on studies and jobs, tend to be in mind. Meanwhile guidance with tools of very high precision is continually becoming completed.

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