Foggy, rainy entrance to Machu

Entrance to Machu Picchu

We very nearly messed it all up. I had one task, book Machu Picchu tickets online, and I also blew it. Just how made it happen happen? Keep reading.

Purchasing seats to Machu Picchu can be extremely complicated

Machu Picchu was once simpler to enter, in order to protect the site the Peruvian government instituted ability controls last year. Now only 2500 people are allowed to enter every day. During busy seasons these slots are taken on rapidly.

There are many different categories of seats:

  • Machu Picchu: Grants you access to the citadel at Machu Picchu (the key website). $68 at existing (January 2015) amounts.
  • Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu: accessibility Machu Picchu and also to the mountain top that is in back ground of most photographs you notice of Machu Picchu. Limited to 400 each day plus two teams, 200 entering Huayna Picchu between 7-8am together with various other 200 between 10-11am. $78.50
  • Machu Picchu + Montaña: Access to Machu Picchu plus another hike around the top of Machu Picchu Mountain (Los Angeles Montaña). This peak sits above Machu Picchu behind where many photographs you’ve seen regarding the citadel, facing Huayna Picchu. Restricted to 400 per day. $78.50
  • Machu Picchu + Museo: accessibility Machu Picchu and the museum. $78.50

Therefore, a good way of putting it can there be tend to be 2500 complete seats permitted for Machu Picchu. Regarding those 2500, 400 tickets are offered for the Huayna Picchu add-on and 400 are for sale to the Montaña add-on. Huayna Picchu passes have a tendency to go the fastest.

The Government’s web site

This is how we screwed it all up. The annoying part will there be is an English form of the website, however it’s maybe not entirely translated. Although I speak Spanish pretty much, we don’t read it perfectly. Anyhow, t

Step One

Select the route you’d prefer to obtain the aforementioned list (that is most likely nevertheless read as ‘Seleccione los angeles ruta’ on the internet site, even yet in the English variation). Then select the day you’d love to get and a calendar will appear aided by the supply for anyone dates. Pick what amount of seats you may like to get, after that you’ll select second step

Step Two

That's where it gets a little cantankerous as well as the site gets somewhat glitchy. Fill out the proper execution for every single individual visiting Machu Picchu (passport numbers will undoubtedly be compared against your original passport in the entry gate so kindly get this correct!). That’s really it. Then you’re expected to click next step. Here’s the fact though: third step doesn’t constantly appear. You may have to take to several times in some different browsers. If it's however no longer working, or perhaps freezes with the tiny clock spinning and rotating, switch to the Spanish type of the site.

Step Three

Submit the shape with your target, accept the T&C (mainly that you won’t undress in the website, which hilariously takes place sufficient that they needed seriously to say that), then click Reserve


You will obtain a Reservation Code. WRITE THE DOWN. Or copy it, or whatever. Make some kind of note of it. YOU AREN'T DONE YET. I'd thought I was because I didn’t browse the guidelines precisely. This booking signal expires in twenty four hours, therefore don’t tempt fate, immediately check out the second page.

The next spot to simply click may be the Payment tab.

Payment Tab

Enter your booking code right here and enter your card information to cover the seats.


Today you’ll go through the ‘Check-In’ loss.

Check-in loss

Enter your booking signal again. Many people need to wait thirty minutes approximately the repayment to process.

Once your entry passes are exhibited (in pdf structure), PRINT THEM! They’re not emailed for you.

Buying through an agency

This is exactly what we finished up performing. Once I realized my crucial error, the seats the standard Machu Picchu “route” had been out of stock. We wound up scheduling the Macchu Picchu + Montana passes (while we'd no intention of getting up the mountain). When I attempted to use the internet site I happened to be nonetheless getting error emails left and appropriate, thus I ended up utilizing a company labeled as We paid only a little extra, but eventually they emailed united states the tickets your day we departed for Mexico City.

We cut it much too near and I also performedn’t browse the directions. Don’t be like us! Follow the guidelines and you’ll be alright.

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