Things to see near Stonehenge

View united states demonstrate old domestic skills - flint knapping, making line regarding rushes, and grinding whole grain with a quern and a driver.

'Standing when you look at the Stones'

View the seasons pass and journey through time with this amazing audio-visual 360 degree view from inside the Stones, in customer center.

Imagine exactly what it is like to stand in the middle of Stonehenge at winter months and summer time solstice, with this unique and memorable experience.

You may also experience the Stonehenge landscape through time with your interactive chart. Observe environmental surroundings changed prior to, after and during the time of Stonehenge, and click on features for more information on this amazing primitive location.

Stonehenge Event

Uncover the story of Stonehenge: the Stones, the landscape, the individuals as well as its meaning, through a robust mixture of cutting-edge audio-visual experiences and amazing ancient objects.

Over 250 archaeological objects and treasures found when you look at the landscape, tend to be exhibited together at Stonehenge the very first time. Which range from jewelry, pottery and tools to ancient individual stays, several products take loan from our museum partners, Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum.

Come to check out the facial skin of a person who was simply here 5, 500 years ago - a forensic repair predicated on their bones found near Stonehenge.

'Wish you had been right here'

From 1 May 2015 explore the 'Wish you had been Here' unique event in the Stonehenge customer center. Celebrating both changing ways that Stonehenge has-been skilled by its many visitors, and its particular standing as a world-wide symbol, through historical souvenirs, guidebooks, postcards and photographs.

The convention features products from private assortment of Julian Richards and items on loan from Wiltshire Museum plus the Salisbury Museum.

This is basically the newest in a frequently switching programme of special events at Stonehenge customer center. Entry to your exhibition is included into the cost of your violation. Explore held at Stonehenge.

Ancient Landscape

Follow when you look at the footsteps of your ancient ancestors and discover the primitive monuments that fill the vast old landscape surrounding Stonehenge.

Travel through the landscape on visitor shuttle, walk from customer centre, or take the shuttle halfway to the Stones and walk.


Decide to try our popular Stonehenge rock cakes or enjoy a beer from Stonehenge Brewery.

Warm-up inside winter season with an elegant hot chocolate or cool off in the summer with a Marshfield Farm ice-cream. Addititionally there is an ideal choice of soups, snacks, cornish pasties and nice snacks, in addition to hot and cold products.


Browse an array of souvenirs, clothing, publications and gift suggestions to provide thoughts of see, many built in the UK exclusively for Stonehenge.

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