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Chichen Itza sinkhole

A team of experts from Autonomous University of Mexico launched on 13 August, that a sacred sinkhole cave, known as a cenote, is discovered under Chichen Itza's Kukulkan Castle Pyramid, a discovery might lose new light in the ancient Mayan civilisation.

In accordance with boffins, the body of liquid actions up to 35m across and contains a depth of more than 20m. The discovery was made utilizing new technology that requires putting electrodes in the region surrounding the dwelling and delivering a power present toward surface. Whilst the present has been emitted, measurements tend to be taken to see whether you can find sub-surface elements that impede or boost electrical potential.

The dimensions created out of this research will likely then be processed by pc software designed by the college team and a three-dimensional chart of underground area should be created from the outcome.

"keep in mind exactly what took place in the exact middle of the limestone, in which we are able to have caverns, a subterranean lake. It is extremely possible your pyramid is sitting together with a cenote, " stated scientist, Rene Chavez.

Mexico's Kukulkan pyramid is one of the new seven miracles associated with the old world, well known because of its perfect astronomical geometry. Denisse Argote from Mexico's nationwide Anthropology and background Institute said the breakthrough regarding the cenote could supply new ideas into the reason why the pyramid was built here into the Yucatan peninsula.

"We know that in caustic areas, its environment have actually subterranean waters. Therefore, considering the concept of the maternal womb, the beginnings of life and liquid which is the initial of life, we have a double meaning which can be really significant. For that reason, taking all these principles under consideration we connect it with a step towards sky in magical and spiritual thinking, " said Argote.

The base of pyramid dates back to the pre-Hispanic age although framework is known to own been built over numerous time periods. The next step of this project is to place the electrodes on pyramid framework which will make a map of their inside to date its building periods.

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