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The damages of Palenque are being among the most scenic of ancient Mayan cities.The damages of Palenque tend to be being among the most scenic of old Mayan metropolitan areas. (picture: Temple diverses inscriptions à Palenque image by Frédéric LEVIEZ from Fotolia.com )

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The ancient Mayan metropolitan areas that dot the countryside of Yucatan peninsula, Chiapas and Guatemala are architectural miracles that testify into genius and complexity of this Mayan civilization. Many different agencies provide trips of the damages, but tourists can very quickly visit most most top internet sites by themselves by community coach and also make a grand cycle, labeled as the Ruta Maya, making use of Cancun whilst the beginning and ending point. If you want to visit the Mayan ruins yourself, it is a smart idea to buy a map and something of many available guidebooks aimed toward separate travelers the area. Good guidebooks could have maps of all harm internet sites and information on major structures, and a lot of damage internet sites also have customer facilities that provide visitor maps and guided tours.


Fly to Cancun. Although other things over the Ruta Maya are served by international flights, like Merida and Flores, Cancun has got the most direct flights through the US and it is typically considerably cheaper than any other point of entry because of its high visitor volume.


Simply take a bus from Cancun to Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza, four and a half hours inland from Cancun, is offered by regular buses through the day. After touring the considerable Mayan ruins and pyramids of Chichen Itza, simply take a bus to Merida, the main city associated with the Yucatan, which takes two-and-a-half hours, and spend evening inside pleasant colonial city.


Take a coach from Merida on ruins of Uxmal, about 50 miles south. The Uxmal ruins function round-edged pyramids among rolling hills. After touring the damages at Uxmal, use the bus two and a half hours farther south into the walled seaside town of Campeche and spend night. Alternatively, take an all-day private tour from Merida to Campeche that stops at Uxmal for a couple of hours.

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Simply take a coach from Campech to your damages of Palenque when you look at the condition of Chiapas. Journey the pyramids, palaces as well as the tower of Palenque; then invest a night in just one of the nearby forest lodges or in the city of Palenque, found a couple of miles up the road.

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Book a two-day jungle trip to Tikal with a company in Palenque city. The journey requires crossing the Mexico-Guatemala border and visiting a number of Mayan ruins deep in the torrential rain forest, like Bonampak and Yaxchilan, before arriving inside city of Flores, simply not in the damages of Tikal.

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Tour the damages of Tikal. These are the biggest & most dramatic associated with the old Mayan ruins and therefore are well worth a couple of days' exploration. Stay in town of Flores or in the forest lodges not in the damages on their own.

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Take the seven-hour coach from Flores through Belize into town of Chetumal, in the Caribbean shore of Mexico. From Chetumal, take the three-hour bus ride on beachfront damages of Tulum, and spend time touring the ruins and enjoying the white sand beaches that surround it. Spend night in a cabana close to the ruins or in a hotel when you look at the nearby town of Tulum.

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