One of the seven wonders

Seven Wonders of the World Turkey

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
  1. The fantastic Pyramids of Giza in Egypt (almost Cairo)
  2. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (in present-day Iraq)
  3. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus (near Izmir - Turkey)
  4. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (in Bodrum - Turkey)
  5. The Colossus of Rhodes
  6. The Lighthouse (Pharos) of Alexandria in Egypt

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The Thing That Makes These Marvels Therefore Wonderful?

These Wonders around the globe originate from record, prior to the birth of Christ, during Greek era. (2nd century B.C.). We were holding built during a period of time that stretched a lot more than two thousand years: from ancient kingdoms of Egypt and Babylon into Golden chronilogical age of Classical Greece.

Temple of ArtemisA Greek poet known as Antipater (also known as Antipatros) developed a listing of seven marvelous frameworks, later becoming referred to as Seven Wonders around the globe. This record was made by him as a tribute towards the ancient planet's achievements, a summary of humanity's outstanding successes in creation. Antipater, but had not been alone in compiling lists of these great works. Just one other almost full set of Wonders worldwide has actually been around through the years. This was present in a book believed to have already been published by a famous Greek engineer and mathematician known as Philon of Byzantium, yet numerous scholars and historians believe that Philon had not written the book - they believe a person wrote it after Philon's death together with finalized it under Philon's title to get recognition. Within these two listings consistency was prominent in many of the marvels around the globe, yet an only six had been originally on these listings. The last Wonder of the World - The Lighthouse of Alexandria - had been added to the list into the sixth century B.C.

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