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Stonehenge tourist information

Stonehenge is a primitive monument without parallel. Stonehenge voted 'Britain's most readily useful historical website' and 'UK's top question in a list of the nation's unmissable attractions, the old web site in addition topped a survey associated with the 'Seven miracles of Britain'. Section of a historical landscape, Stonehenge is one of the most thought-provoking and keenly discussed ancient monment on earth.

How to get to Stonehenge

Stonehenge had been erected between 3, 000 BC and 1, 600 BC by a minimum of three various countries as well as its direction regarding the increasing and establishing sun has become among its remarkable features. Whether this is due to the fact the builders originated in a sun worshipping tradition, or because - as some scholars think - the circle and its own banks were element of a huge astronomical calendar, remains a mystery even today.

Now designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stonehenge is in the middle of the keeps of ceremonial and domestic frameworks, some more than the memorial it self. Entirely, the site addresses some 2, 600 hectares and comprises over 400 planned monuments.

As a result of Stonehenge's shaped rocks, unique jointing and perfect geometry, this amazing task of engineering isn't only the most advanced rock circle in society, additionally, it is special because it will be the just one to possess lintels across the top. The name Stonehenge - virtually 'hanging rocks' - is believed to result from Anglo-Saxon times.

The Stones on their own originated from two sources: small bluestones through the Preseli Mountains in South Wales, plus the larger Sarsen rocks from the Marlborough Downs some twenty miles away. Interestingly, everything we see these days is only approximately half the initial monument - some stones have actually fallen down, while others have-been recinded to be used for building in other places.

Seeing Stonehenge

View a digital tour worldwide history Site regarding English Heritage web site or find out more about visiting Stonehenge.

Checking out Stonehenge is not difficult, it really is located only from the A303 / A344 and nearby the A360 roadways (the Postcode for Stonehenge for Sat-Nav is SP4 7DE) The easiest way to check out stonehenge is through joing a guided trip.

There are a number of hiking and biking channels to just take you to definitely Stonehenge - crossing the busy A303 is the best prevented. Some of the best routes are accessed from Amesbury where there clearly was an inderpass beneath the A303 that will additionally lead you to Durrington together with other crucial archaeological sites of Durrington Walls and Woodhenge.

Person £14.50 £16.00
Son Or Daughter (5-15) £8.70 £9.60
Concession tool-tip £13.00 £14.40

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