How to get to Komodo Island

Bali to Komodo Island

  1. Travel: affordable cost, quickly, safe, & trustworthy. Do book at the very least a month or more before if you also come in the large period. You can easily fly from Denpasar (Bali), but additionally from Mataram (Lombok) i really believe. Seek advice from LionAir.
  2. Sail: more costly, slower (at the least 2 days & 2 nights), even more unreliable & more unsafe when compared with flying. But there are cool stops along the way, & the sailing trips constantly includes stops at Komodo & Rinca countries. Same thing, make an effort to reserve beforehand, per week or 2 should really be fine. Read more on how best to get from Flores to Lombok by ocean with stops?
  3. Coach & ferry: inexpensive price, slow (36h), unreliable, boring, tiring, & mildly safe (sailing is most likely more unsafe). Read more Lombok to Labuan Bajo by bus & ferry
  4. Fly & bus & ferry - alternative 1: fly from Denpasar to Bima with LionAir, then continue bus & ferry. See additionally Sape to Labuan Bajo, how-to?
  5. Fly & coach & ferry - alternative 2: fly from Mataram to Sumbawa Besar with LionAir, after which continue with bus & ferry. See additionally Sape to Labuan Bajo, tips?
  6. Fly & bus: fly from Denpasar to Ende with LionAir, then pass coach to Labuan Bajo (takes about 12h). Which is only worth it if you already planned to check out mainland Flores i guess, you can stay in Bajawa or Ruteng on route.
  7. PNI ferry: very low priced (190'000 IDR in 2015), only every 2 weeks, slow (30ich hours), unreliable, totally unsafe, & extremely uncomfortable (packed). You most likely don't want to do that! If you do, you can aquire admission at the official solution office within the harbour.

As soon as in Labuan Bajo

We predict a three-day excursion

Exactly what would you plan to do during those times?

Because Komodo national playground is also extremely well-known for its exceptional underwater life, so many people do a variety of land excursion (one day for Komodo & Rinca area) to begin to see the dragons & underwater activities by scuba diving or snorkeling (1 to 3 times often) to see Manta Rays, turtles, sharks plus.

Note that it really is well worth diving in many websites, snorkelling is fine to start to see the Manta Rays & good corals but to see much more you wish to scuba plunge. Having at the least a PADI open water before-going is the best, or else you will simply be permitted on low dive internet sites (10 or 12m deep I think).

You may be located in Labuan Bajo (a little bit of an ugly, smelly, & dusty town) & go every day for an adventure. ie. one day exploring Komodo & Rinca island, after that 2 days diving. In 2015, accommodation in-lb starts at 100'000 IDR for a double room, day excursion to Komodo & Rinca expenses someplace like 800'000 IDR (, and per day plunge (3 dives) costs around 1.2 millions (+ 175'000 IDR playground entrance fee for every single time). So a total close to 4 millions IDR (100'000 x 3 + 800'000 + 1'200'000 x 2 + 175'000 x 2). Which is a pile of cash for Indonesian standards but you'll have a great time.

Another option would be to hop on a liveaboard journey (3 days must be adequate but do much longer if you want to dive much more), additionally planning to Komodo & Rinca island and performing all of the dives. This would be more costly, in 2015 prices begin at 600 USD for 3 times (around 8 millions IDR) nonetheless it'd absolutely be a much more awesome knowledge. Apart from the fun/pleasure of being on a sailing boat in an amazing spot, you'd have the advantage of having the ability to dive at the beginning of the early morning (7 or 8am) to enjoy the best problems & are able to do night dives. Oh, while wont miss something by perhaps not seeing much (or everything) of Labuan Bajo.

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