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Komodo Island Facts

Those that survive this area are the descendants of former convicts have been provided for the area after their particular beliefs.

The Komodo dragons that inhabit this island and only a couple of others close by would be the biggest lizards in the world.

Komodo Island covers an area of 390 square kilometers. Its 15km large and 30km lengthy.

There are 2000 people that survive the island as permanent residents.

The religions of those that survive the island tend to be Hindu, Christianity, and Islamic.

Komodo Island is part of a chain of countries referred to as Lesser Sunda Chain.

Between April and December it is the dry season for Komodo Island. The coldest months are July and August. Over these months the common temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

Komodo Island's rainy season is from January to March. Even though this may be the rainy period, Komodo Island doesn't the torrential rainfall your rest of Indonesia experiences.

It's possible to go diving in Komodo all through the year.

You will find lower than 4000 wild birds on Komodo Island, and it's also additionally residence to many endangered types. You will find more or less 25 various jeopardized types on Komodo Island.

Komodo Island is known to have already been formed around 1 million years ago.

In red coral reefs beneath the ocean around Komodo Island you will find around 1000 types of seafood, and 253 reef-building red coral types.

You will find just seven shores in the field with green sand. Komodo Island has actually one of these simple pink sand shores. The pink sand is an assortment of red and white sand.

Though there had been tales of Komodo dragon for many years, nobody visited Komodo Island to check on before very early 1910s.

Into the mid-1900s, fossils were present in Australian Continent much like Komodo dragons. These fossils dated right back 30 to 60 million years back.

The Dutch sailors originally described the dragons to be seven meters long, and capable inhale fire. After an expedition by a Dutch official, the results had been posted in 1912. The Komodo dragon would not inhale fire and was at reality, a monitor lizard.

The greatest mountain on Komodo Island is Satalibo, which achieves 735 meters at its top.

There remnants of rainforest on Komodo Island, plus bamboo woodlands.

Deer are a popular food regarding the Komodo dragon and in an endeavor to increase their particular populace the government began prohibiting deer searching by the islanders.

In 1991, Komodo National Park was detailed by UNESCO as a global history website.

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