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Facts about Stonehenge

a visitor at Stonehenge (General Photographic Agency/Getty)• Built in a number of stages, Stonehenge started about 5, 000 years ago as a straightforward earthwork enclosure where prehistoric people buried their cremated dead. The rock circle ended up being erected in the centre of this memorial into the late Neolithic duration, around 2500 BC

• Two types of stone are used at Stonehenge: the larger sarsens, and the smaller bluestones. There are 83 stones in total

• there have been originally just two entrances towards the enclosure, English history explains – a broad one to the north east, and an inferior one on the southern part. Today there are lots of more spaces – this is primarily the consequence of later on tracks that when crossed the memorial

• a circle of 56 pits, known as the Aubrey Holes (known as after John Aubrey, whom identified them in 1666), sits inside enclosure. Its function stays not known, however think the pits once presented stones or articles

• The rock configurations at Stonehenge were built at the same time of “great change in prehistory, ” claims English Heritage, “just as brand new varieties of ‘Beaker’ pottery therefore the familiarity with metalworking, and a transition to the burial of an individual with grave products, were showing up from Europe. From about 2400 BC, well-furnished Beaker graves such as for instance that the Amesbury Arche are observed close by”

• Roman pottery, rock, metal products and coins are discovered during different excavations at Stonehenge. An English Heritage report in 2010 stated that quite a bit fewer medieval artefacts have-been found, which suggests your website had been used more occasionally through the period

• Stonehenge features a lengthy commitment with astronomers, the report describes. In 1720, Dr Halley utilized magnetized deviation and position associated with rising sunshine to approximate the age of Stonehenge. He concluded the date ended up being 460 BC. And, in 1771, John Smith mused that calculated total of 30 sarsen stones multiplied by 12 signs of the zodiac equalled 360 times of the entire year, although the internal group represented the lunar month

• initial reference to Stonehenge – or ‘Stanenges’ – seems within the archaeological research of Henry of Huntingdon in about AD 1130, which of Geoffrey of Monmouth six many years later. In 1200 and 1250 it showed up as ‘Stanhenge’ and ‘Stonhenge’; as ‘Stonheng’ in 1297, and ‘the rock hengles’ in 1470. It became referred to as ‘Stonehenge’ in 1610, says English history

• into the 1880s, after carrying-out a few of the first scientifically taped excavations at website, Charles Darwin figured earthworms were mostly to blame for the Stonehenge rocks sinking through the earth

• because of the beginning of the twentieth century there was indeed over 10 recorded excavations, as well as the web site ended up being considered to be in a “sorry state”, claims English Heritage – a few sarsens had been leaning. Consequently the community of Antiquaries lobbied the site’s owner, Sir Edmond Antrobus, and wanted to benefit preservation

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