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Interesting Facts about Table Mountain

Since 1929 dining table Mountain’s Cableway has-been transporting people to its flat summit. The cableway is upgraded a number of times since and latest was with automobiles with revolving floors, called Rotairs.

Take pleasure in the knowledge throughout every season. During summer months look out for the table-mountain Cableway Sunset specialized (tickets are half-price) and become mesmerised by breathtaking sunset views of Cape Town.

You will find two cable automobiles that counterbalance one another.
South African people get a complimentary ride to their birthday celebration, all they must do is show their green ID.
The cable automobiles take visitors up to 704m, through the Lower Cable Station at 363m above sea-level, towards the Upper Cable facility, at 1 067m above sea level.
The cable automobiles vacation at a maximum rate of 10m per second.
The cable car’s base is filled with liquid, and functions as a ballast in windy circumstances.
The Cableway features transported over 24-million visitors to the summit of table-mountain.

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Interesting Facts about Table Mountain
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