Bridge workers build a catwalk

Golden Gate Bridge finished

Extending from Fort Baker pier, the construction of a 1, 700 foot-long access roadway begun to access the building sites for Marin anchorage, pier and tower.

Work started on east strategy road from San Francisco that offered through Presidio south end of this Golden Gate Bridge.

Steel for the San Francisco and Marin towers which was prefabricated in Bethlehem metal foundries in Pottstown and Steelton, PA had been brought by flatcar to Philadelphia and transferred to barges and sent through Panama Canal to Alameda, CA in which it was saved before the Marin pier ended up being completed and prepared for tower erection.

Bay area tower accessibility trestle was constructed extending 1100 foot offshore. Just as the trestle was completed, it absolutely was considerably damaged the very first time on August 14, 1933, once the McCormick Steamship Line’s Sidney M. Hauptman plowed through dense fog and crashed to the accessibility trestle, harming about 400 feet. After fixes were made, on December 13, 1933, as a southwest gale battered the Golden Gate Strait for just two times, the accessibility trestle was once more battered and this time there was clearly 800 legs of wreckage. Trestle repair works began soon after that and finished March 8, 1934.

Marin tower construction began. Depending on the source referenced, it had been finished either on Summer 28, 1934 or sometime in November 1934.

Harbor Tug and Barge Company strung the first line cables to aid the footwalks (aka catwalks) built over the Golden Gate Strait in preparation for main cable spinning.

Two parts of the Bridge's main span were joined at the center. A short ceremony noted the event whenever groups from bay area and Marin found and exchanged remarks at the center for the span. Significant Thomas L. McKenna, Catholic Chaplin of Fort Scott, blessed the period while sprinkling holy water.

Sources: Golden Gate Bridge, Report of this Chief Engineer by Joseph Strauss, 1937 (not any longer offered) and Spanning the Gate by Stephen Cassady, 1986

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