The Golden Gate Bridge Opened

Golden Gate Bridge toll no cash

Cannot take a look at the Toll Plaza. Gear in the Toll Plaza checks out FasTrak cost tags and permit dishes to process cost fees. As a visitor there are a few easy toll payment options for you:

FasTrak Account

FasTrak could be the Electronic Toll Collection system in California for the Bay Area’s eight cost bridges and Express Lanes (I-580, I-680, and SR 237), as well as the cost roads in Southern California. If you have your FasTrak cost label within automobile, the toll is automatically charged towards FasTrak Account. Just click here for more information on Bay Area Express Lanes.

One-Time Payment

You possibly can make a One-Time Payment up to 1 month before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge or within 48 hours after crossing. A One-Time Payment are made using a charge card or cash/check/money purchase. There are no extra fees once you make a One-Time Payment. Either:

  1. Make a One-Time Payment making use of credit cards over the telephone by phoning 877-BAY-TOLL (877-229-8655), outdoors California at 415-486-TOLL (415-486-8655). Just click here all night of operation.

Toll Invoice

If you don't have a FasTrak Account and you don't make a One-Time Payment, a Toll Invoice will undoubtedly be shipped towards subscribed owner associated with car the level of the toll – without any extra costs. You'll have 21 days to cover the Toll Invoice. If Toll Invoice isn’t compensated within 21 times, you will end up given a Toll Violation notice which connects a $25 penalty to any percentage of the delinquent Toll Invoice. If the very first Toll Violation notice goes outstanding, an extra Toll Violation notice is released (with additional charges) and if it goes unpaid, the total amount due is referred to the DMV who'll withhold your car or truck subscription before penalties tend to be paid. For out-of-state cars, the matter is described a collections company.

If you are using a rented vehicle, discuss how the toll should be billed for your requirements with the rental automobile agency.

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