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Suspensions - Golden Gate Bridge, san francisco bay area, CaliforniaThe Golden Gate Bridge region

The Golden Gate Bridge is such a symbol that most men and women believe that it is impossible to fully capture a genuine picture of it. However with most climbing, efforts and some chance, it will be possible. There are lots of tough to reach vantage things being much better for landscape photography compared to numerous tourist places in which everybody congregates, in the event that you don’t brain scrambling down crumbling cliff edges at nighttime that end abruptly with a 300 base leap on sea the following! Also, you're able to anticipate rare fog and tidal problems that you can do only some times each year. Those are the moments you never see in postcards. I am constantly in search of those moments.

Suspensions – Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Area

Passageway - Golden Gate Bridge, Californiaonce the waves tend to be tiny, it is possible to arranged this composition, if you need to be careful about this. The chain cannot touch the rocks/concrete or it manages to lose its impact. In addition, you need the top that rusty post never to exceed the horizon. After a bit of fiddling around, this constantly seems to be a structure, at least for me personally. You can’t fiddle around a lot during big surf or else you will be sucked to the bay. No kidding! Be cautious right here.

to the Mist - Sausalito, Marin County, CaliforniaThen the sky turned red off to the right which turned everything red. The remainder was completed with the 2-minute visibility, which really brings out the chain well.

Passageway – Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay Area

Fog never does not create countless atmosphere and state of mind. The Golden Gate is actually a passageway for people as well as for plenty of sea fog to cool off the inland areas. A lengthy exposure reveals the way the fog flowed through gate. The past light associated with the sunlight as well as the lights associated with the connection in equal amounts illuminated the fog. This even light can last for just a few mins, so in the course of one night, just one or two possibilities for a long visibility similar to this tend to be possible.

Fog during the Gate number 1 - San FranciscoIt took myself 3 years to fully capture this minute and I also have not seen it occur once more.

Into the Mist – Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Soon after I made the picture “Passageway”, my very first flickr upload, the moon came out and with the last remaining light when you look at the sky I saw this scene. All of the light is through the intentionally overexposed moon. Its a thin crescent however it appears complete because I exposed the scene for the light on the water, maybe not for moon! 2 minutes in addition allowed the moon to maneuver a bit, which makes it appear also larger!

I've never seen this prior to or because!

Fog on Gate – Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay Area

September and October are great months for getting low fog at the Golden Gate. The inversion is weaker but nonetheless indeed there and fog is normally never as deep. And so I got up at 2 hours before sunrise, checked the weather and headed away. You need to get here before sunrise to capture the very best light. As I left the hillside after sunrise, a bunch of various other professional photographer were starting their tripods but the light was already harsh and brilliant because large clouds were slim. Also bad I happened to be alone to see this!

City Lights, san francisco bay area at Dusk The Spectacle - bay area, Golden Gate Bridge Light on Marin Headlands - San Francisco, Ca Daybreak - Kirby Cove, Marin Headlands, Marin County, Ca

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