Golden Gate Bridge toll

Golden Gate Bridge toll payment

The Golden Gate Bridge all electric tolling system makes it much simpler to mix the Bridge. Tolls tend to be examined electronically utilizing a FasTrak cost tag or with Pay-By-Plate, without any stopping on Toll Plaza. it is so easy! We a convenient repayment solution to fit every driver’s require. To choose which cost repayment choice is best suited for you, you should think about how usually you employ the Golden Gate Bridge plus the method of repayment you'd like to use.

FasTrak Account

FasTrak may be the preferred method of toll payment for motorists which make use of the Golden Gate Bridge or other Ca cost services one or more times a year. FasTrak could be the best way to receive discounted toll rates and it is required for carpools. You continue a prepaid balance that your tolls tend to be subtracted. Read more

License Plate Account

A License Plate Account is a good cost payment selection for motorists which choose to “pay because they go” within Golden Gate Bridge and choose to forgo some great benefits of having to pay FasTrak’s reduced cost prices. By using credit cards to start and fund the account, there isn't any prepaid cost stability needed therefore the toll is charged towards bank card every time you cross the Golden Gate Bridge. If you utilize cash, a prepaid cost balance equivalent to an individual toll is needed. Find out more

One-Time Payment

One-Time repayments are recommended for drivers who infrequently cross the Golden Gate Bridge, site visitors from from the location, and customers who want to spend with money. One-Time Payments are made on line, over the phone, or perhaps in person. A One-Time Payment is made 1 month before you cross the Bridge, or within 48 hours after your crossing (this pertains to local rental cars). One-Time Payments may be made on line with credit cards or with money at a Cash Payment Location. Find out more

Toll Invoice

If clients cannot start a FasTrak or a License Plate Account, or make a One-Time Payment, tolls are examined utilising the License Plate wide range of the automobile and a Toll Invoice is mailed towards authorized owner, without any extra fees. The Toll Invoice must certanly be compensated within 21 times in order to avoid Toll Violations and fines. To prevent potential late costs, the FasTrak, License Plate, or One-Time repayment options are suggested. Read more

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