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Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

For travelers crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in vehicles with license plates from out-of-state or another country, there are several approaches to pay your toll electronically. Please be aware that in the event that you come in a rental vehicle, that you need to consult with your leasing automobile organization about their particular tolling system, if an individual exists. Find out more about rental automobiles here.

Tolls for the Golden Gate Bridge are gathered only within one way – while travelling south into san francisco bay area.

Recommendations for Short-Term Guests

If you’re a visitor with out-of-state or out-of-country permit plates staying in the San Francisco Bay Area and plan on crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (southbound), your very best toll payment choice is by using the Pay-By-Plate option and work out a One-Time repayment or you might also give consideration to opening a restricted length permit Plate Account.

The One-Time Payment option is what it really appears like: make a toll payment, one repayment at any given time. One-Time Payments may be made up to thirty day period before or 48 hours after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. One-Time repayments are legitimate for 1 month as they are non-refundable. They might be made (1) using credit cards (click "Make a One-Time Payment" website link below) or (2) using a credit card by phoning toll free 1-877-229-8655 or 415-486-8655 (outside Ca). In addition, for a vehicle with an out-of-state permit dish, you may possibly pay personally utilizing cash at one of our numerous money Payment stores or spend directly on Bay Area FasTrak Customer Service Center, 375 Beale Street, bay area, CA 94105, (click the link all day of procedure). For a car with an out-of-country license dish, you could spend face-to-face in the Bay Area FasTrak customer support Center, 375 Beale Street, san francisco bay area, CA 94105, (click here all night of procedure).

You may even give consideration to a limited duration License Plate Account. Open the account on line, with credit cards, and enter the closing time of your stay once the account closure date. You'll find nothing more to do because the bank card on file with your account is recharged the right cost each time you cross the Bridge. If you want to finance a License Plate Account using cash, you must preserve a tiny toll balance equal to one toll payment (click here for current cost rates).

Open up a License Plate Account

Recommendations for Extended Stay Visitors

If you’re a customer with out-of-state or out-of-country license plates remaining in the bay area Bay region and anticipate crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (southbound), your very best cost repayment choice is always to either available a permit dish Account or a FasTrak Account.

FasTrak is one of convenient toll payment method for any driver which makes use of some of the Bay region toll bridges, Express Lanes, or cost roadways in Southern Ca over and over again per year. Starting a FasTrak Account can be achieved quickly internet based or over the device utilizing a charge card. A prepaid stability is necessary. Using FasTrak is the only way to receive a discounted toll on the Golden Gate Bridge (click here for current toll rates).

You can also give consideration to a License Plate Account. Start the account online, with a credit card. There is nothing much more to complete as credit card on file with your account is charged the appropriate cost each time you cross the Bridge. If you want to finance a License Plate Account using cash, you need to keep a tiny cost stability equivalent to one cost repayment (follow this link for existing toll prices).

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